This DNS Sinkhole list incorporated into our private DNS servers contains all the malicious domains that are presently available in our Malware & Phishing domains DNS Sinkhole system. These domains can be blocked in our VPN servers thereby preventing you from accessing them when connected to the VPN servers. This offers you an additional layer of protection against these malicious domains which are aimed at harming your computer or stealing sensitive and personal identifiable Information (PII) from your computer. Please note that this malicious domain filtering is optional when using our VPN servers. It is not mandatory you use our DNS servers with malware domain filtering. You can choose between Google DNS, OpenDNS and our private DNS servers (with malicious domain filtering) with our new client GUI.

To use this Malware & Phishing Domain DNS Sinkhole with our OpenVPN connection is very easy. Simply connect to any of our server with our new Client GUI and then switch to the DNS sinkhole as shown in the screenshot below:

When using our private malware domain filtering enabled DNS servers, our DNS system will detect and block all DNS requests to known malicious sites obtained from various user contributed sources such as malware and phishing sites as part of our service.
Once connected to our OpenVPN servers, access to these known malicious sites are automatically blocked at the DNS level (DNS sinkhole) thereby preventing the sites from loading in your browser. You will be automatically redirected to our malware alert page at: when a DNS request is made for a malicious domain listed in our database.

Disclaimer: These domains have been sourced from open sources and from community driven projects which verifies and maintains these lists. We do not own the lists and the full list is displayed publicly for anyone interested. In addition, we operate the malware DNS sinkhole system as a "Open System" which allows users to view and contribute to the lists. If you think a domain listed here have been erroneously listed, please use the domain delist request form to request to have the domain delisted. After we receive your request, we will verify the domain and delist if the domain passes our verifications.

If you wish to contribute to this malware DNS sinkhole system and help protect other users from new or suspected malicious domains, you can do so by using the “Report Domain” form below. All reported domains will be verified manually before being added to the system.

WARNING! All domains listed here should be considered dangerous. Do not attempt to visit the domains intentionally. Anonyproz does not guarantee that this added service will identify all phishing and malware websites and cannot be held responsible for any effect or damages caused as a result of your reliance on this service.

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